Eva: The Relationship Companion


EVA is the result of a collaboration between Neilly Tan, David Sasson (Brown University) and Jonathan Melendez Davidson (Rhode Island School of Design). The students were commissioned to explore the topic of telepresence. Rapidly, they defined telepresence as the act of communicating in present time between distant locations. Studying the current market, they realized many of the products which deal with the topic ‘intimacy’ through telepresence lack agency. They saw this as an opportunity to create an aid or a companion rather than a medium for long-distance communication.

Eva, which is a semi-autonomous robot can read your emotions through an emotion tracking api which would notify your significant other about your feelings. She communicates through speach, lights and movement. 

Health and safety warning:

Do to Eva’s charismatic personality some users might experience affection towards Eva. We remind the consumer that Eva is an assistant for a relationship and not a substitute.