AQI: Air Quality Index


c. 2017

This proposal sprouted from studying a map of Providence, R.I. and seeing the proximity of homes to industrial zones such as the Providence port. Reviewing documents from the local health department I became aware of the high rate of childhood asthma in the area down wind from the industrial zone. The area known as the Lower South Providence community contains 8 school and has the highest child ratio per population in the state. After interviewing personal at one of the 8 schools in the region they reported a high incidence of asthma in their students, yet had not found the root cause. 

AQI aspires to increase health and well-being in environmentally marginalized communities. We deliver a set of tools which accurately and truthfully inform communities about their local air quality. By making the invisible visible we create awareness and enable action to members of the community. Our hope is to one day grow and expand our products beyond marginalized communities by making our product available to all as part of the family of infrastructural semiotic devises we deal with on the daily basis (including street lights and stop-signs).