Jonathan W. Melendez Davidson
Strategist | Researcher | Designer
Johnson & Johnson - Design
New York - NY
(b. 1992, San Juan, Puerto Rico.)

What I like to do:
I'm a Strategic designer focused on envisioning and delivering innovative human-centered systemic solutions for wicked problems. 

Why I do it:
In the early years of my architectural degree I developed an interest for systemic socioeconomic & health problems. Through my studies I realized buildings and or Architecture was not the right medium to address these issues due to the permanence, certainty, and slowness of the profession and practice. Systemic issues require testing and iterating, failing, dynamism and other factors which the practice of architecture lacks. 

Following my gut I decided to pursue a Master of Industrial Design degree at the Rhode Island School of Design where I focused on better futures for marginalized communities through the development of human centered tools and services.

Where I currently am:
I'm applying my thoughts and work at Johnson & Johnson Design where I work as a Design Strategist - developing visions for the future of health, de-risking innovation, and delivering better experiences for patients and consumers.

Who I've worked with:
Johnson & Johnson, Rhode Island School of Design, Design Catalyst LLC, Department of Defense, USSOCOM, Goldman Sachs Foundation, Infosys, National Governor's Association, Rhode Island National Guard, MUUAAA Design Studio, Coleman-Davis Pagan architects, Constructo Design Build, and others.